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“The actions and interactions were virtually seamless — thanks much to expert musical direction by Andrea Grody and her crackerjack little band.” – The Rutland Herald, for Songs for a New World

“What’s truly enticing in The Great Immensity is hearing such sentiments expressed in the vivifying context of musical numbers.” – Charles Isherwood of The New York Times

“…much credit must go to Andrea Grody, who single-handedly aced the delightfully ambitious backing score – including a slew of sound effects being played live on the keyboard.” – FringeGuru, for Active Virgin

“From the dancers and singers to the flying-fingered synthesizer wizard and even the stage and lighting techs, everyone looks like they’re having a ball, and it’s infectious.” – The Scotsman, for Active Virgin

“On the basis of what [Grody] accomplished with Strange Faces, it would be no surprise to begin reading about her quite soon in the entertainment trade publications.” – U.S.1, for Strange Faces



Andrea was Composer/ Music Director for Robin Hood, directed by Stella Powell-Jones, at the 2014 Williamstown Theatre Festival. All music was performed live by members of the cast. Below are a few samples.

Final Fight Scene
The Sheriff's Castle
Robin's Theme
Wedding Fanfare
Robin vs. Little John
Robin vs. Friar Tuck
A Rosebud in June (based on the folk song of the same name, featuring Kyle Whalen)


Andrea’s arrangements for the Middletown High School Marching Band were featured in the 2013 Shakespeare in the Park production of Love’s Labour’s Lost, directed by Alex Timbers.  Listen to the curtain call below:

Love's Labour's Lost Curtain Call


During Andrea’s time in Glasgow, she worked on a variety of projects ranging from big band concerts to intimate cabarets. Below are a few highlights from the year.

Marry You, originally performed by Bruno Mars, arranged by Andrea
(performed by Alex Caird, with Andrea on piano and featuring Haley Hewitt on Celtic harp)

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, originally performed by John Mayer, arranged by Andrea
(performed by Kylie McMahon, with Andrea on piano and Jennifer Falconer Hall on cello)

The following clip is from Active Virgin by John and Gerry Kielty, which premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2012, and for which Andrea provided music direction, vocal arrangements, and orchestrations. All accompaniment was performed live using Mainstage and a single 88-key keyboard.

Yet to Be Loved/Frigid Little B*tch (featuring Charlie Olivia)


One of eight ten-minute musicals featured in Prospect Theater Company’s Portraits (February 2013).  Andrea was Music Director and collaborated with composer/lyricist Sheilah Rae on vocal and instrumental arrangements.

Marie (performed by Laura Hankin, Ally Bonino, and Emily Borromeo) A Woman's Way in Art (performed by Laura Hankin)


Strange Faces premiered in April 2011 in Princeton, NJ to completely sold-out audiences. The production earned Andrea the prestigious Louis Sudler Prize for the Arts.  Click on a link below to listen to selections from the live original cast recording of Strange Faces:

The Prize (performed by Holly Linneman and Sean Drohan)
Bullying Song (performed by Matt Prast)
Pride (performed by Tadesh Inagaki)
Wheels (performed by Matt Prast and Miyuki Miyagi)


Andrea received the Milton Lyon Award for Outstanding Writing for her lyric and music work on the Princeton Triangle Club’s fall 2009 production, Store Trek. Vocal arrangements by Andrea and Pete Mills; orchestration by Ron Drotos.

Impulse Buy Tango:
music and lyrics by Andrea Grody (performed by the female company)
The Point of No Returns:
music by Andrea Grody, lyrics by Nora Sullivan (performed by Sarah Anne Sillers)
Coming Soon:
music by Andrea Grody, lyrics by Nora Sullivan (performed by the full company)


Andrea wrote a full score for Mary Zimmerman’s Metamorphoses, which ran for seven performances from February 19-28, 2009 at Theatre Intime in Princeton, NJ. Andrea wrote eleven incidental sequences for solo cello, played onstage by Jacob Denz.

Narcissus Interlude
Opening Theme
Orpheus Journeys to the Underworld


Two of Andrea’s songs were featured in the Princeton Triangle Club’s fall 2008 production of Stark Raven Mad: An Edgar Allan Show. Orchestration was by Ron Drotos.

The Tell-Tale Heart:
music and lyrics by Andrea Grody (introduction by Clayton Raithel, performed by Kelvin Dinkins and ensemble)
music by Andrea Grody, lyrics by Callie Lefevre (performed by Laura Hankin and Dave Holtz)


Andrea has composed a variety of other works for various ensembles.  Here are a few selections:

The Frog Prince, commissioned by the PRISM Saxophone Quartet (premiere, May 2009)
Echo, commissioned by the Kingswood-Oxford Octopipers (premiere, April 2008)
Aidan and Ava (premiere, July 2006)
I Love Thee, winner of the CMEA Composition Festival (premiere, February 2005)



Watch clips from the video of the premiere production of Strange Faces:

The Prize (featuring Sean Drohan and Holly Linneman)

Tomayto Tomahto (featuring Sean Drohan and Holly Linneman)

Bullying Song (featuring Matt Prast)

Questions (featuring Tadesh Inagaki and Miyuki Miyagi)

Wheels (featuring Miyuki Miyagi, Tadesh Inagaki, and Matt Prast)