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Senior Voice Teacher and Resident Music Director

Since 2015


So this review is long overdue but yes I can’t speak highly enough of this place. I have been taking lessons with Andrea for about eight months now and she has COMPLETELY changed my voice. It’s incredible!!!! Not only is she sooo knowledge and experienced, she is super kind, patient and always made me feel so comfortable. I’m able to sing in a way I never even dreamed I’d even be capable of… I mean I listen to my singing from eight months ago and it’s like night and day! And my voice has never been healthier either because I’ve finally learned how to sing the correct way! Thank you Andrea and NY vocal coaching you all are the best!

Jen Koonings

Andrea Grody is by far the best vocal coach I’ve ever had. My singing has improved way more than I thought it could in the couple of months that I’ve been taking lessons with her. No matter how my voice feels going into a lesson, we always seem to break new ground in terms of technique and I have something new to go home and practice. (I’ve even been about a half hour late and still had a crazy productive lesson in just half the time). She tailors exercises directly to the song I’m working on and they’re always remarkably effective. I really can’t say enough good things about Andrea as a teacher and she’s a super cool person as well. Lessons at NYVC are a steal- best money I’ve ever spent studying voice!

Meg Talay

When I started lessons with Andrea Grody, I was an experienced singer, but I always felt that certain songs were inaccessible to me because they required a high belt that I thought I didn’t have. I came in with the goal of finally learning how to belt, and Andrea helped me do exactly that. With Andrea’s guidance (and her never-ending patience), I can now belt as high as I’ll ever need to go, and it doesn’t even feel difficult anymore.

Andrea is great at meeting you wherever you are, vocally, and then pushing you to go beyond what you thought you were capable of. One of the best things about Andrea’s lessons is that she always gives feedback in a positive way. I never feel like I’ve done something wrong, but I can feel the growth and changes in my voice after only 3 months of lessons. Andrea is awesome!

Michal Barnea
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