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“For Andrea Grody her extensive resume is a testament to her talent. She’s the Music Director, Supervisor, Vocal and Incidental Arranger for the Broadway hit musical TOOTSIE.  She ‘did’ the same for THE BAND’S VISIT, which won 10 Tony Awards. Andrea’s whose Off-Broadway and regional theater credits are extensive, also wrote STRANGE FACES, a full-length musical. There’s a lot to learn about musical theater from this inspiring, accomplished, creative woman.”

Beyond the Lights

“On today’s show, I speak with Andrea Grody, a music director and music supervisor. Andrea has been on two of the bigger Broadway shows over the last few years, The Band’s Visit and Tootsie—two pretty different shows. She walks me through a little of what those processes looked like and the different challenges they each presented. I so enjoyed getting a small glimpse of what it takes to create a new musical and I know you will too.”

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The Interval

Season of the Female Music Director

“Over the past three months, I’ve interviewed and researched female music directors, ranging from well-established to early career, including two making their Broadway debuts this season. Many spoke of the challenges they’ve faced, including gender bias in hiring practices and in the rehearsal room, but they were also fairly optimistic about the direction in which the industry is headed, and many are interested in attempts to right the systemic wrongs of gender bias within theatre.”

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Princeton Alumni Weekly

“While audience members can see her steering the musicians with her hands — and with her head when her hands are on the keyboard — Grody’s creative juices touch much that the audience can’t see, but they hear and feel throughout the production. She teaches the actors their songs, guides how the songs are performed, and makes sure that the way the scenes come together musically makes sense. Her job as music director, she explains, is to “oversee how the music tells the story.”

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The New York Vocal Coaching Podcast

A conversation with Senior Voice Teacher and Broadway music director Andrea Grody